How to Backup Nokia 2630 Contacts photos videos

Here we will Learn how to configure Nokia 2630  Mobile to Backup Contacts, Calendar and Notes to

Grab your Nokia 2630  phone and do the following steps to configure it for syncing:

To Backup Photos and videos login to account from your mobile or PC

1. Go to Menu and choose Settings

menu  Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Menu Nokia 2630 settings


2. Select Configuration

Select Configuration Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Select Configuration


3. Select Personal configuration settings

Select Personal configuration settings Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Select Personal configuration settings


4. Press Options, then Add New

Press Options, then Add New Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Press Options, then Add New


5. Select Synchronisation

Select Synchronisation Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Select Synchronisation


6. Set Account

Set Account Name

Set Account Name


6. Set Server Address

Set Server Address

Set Server Address

7. Set User name< username>

Set User name username

Set User name: username


8. Set Password< password>

Set Password password

Set Password: password

9. Select Contacts, Calendar and Notes database:

Select Contacts Calendar and Notes database

Select Contacts Calendar and Notes database


10. Set Contacts Database addresscard

Set Database address- card

Set Database address: card
Go back once

11. Go back once

12. Set Calendar Database Addresscal

Set Calendar Database Address cal

Set Calendar Database Address: cal

14. Go back once

15. Set Notes Database Addressnote

Set Notes Database Address note

Set Notes Database Address: note


16. Go back once

17. Set Use preferred access pointYes (make sure you have a working internet connection; if you don’t have one, contact your mobile provider)

Set Use preferred access point Yes`

Set Use preferred access point: Yes


18. Go back once

19. Highlight

20. Press Options and select Activate

Go back once Highlight MakeActive

Go back once Highlight, Press Options and select Activate


21. Go back to Menu and choose Settings

menu Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Menu Nokia 1680 Classic  press settings



22. Select Connectivity (on some devices Sync and backup)

Select  Sync and backup

Select Sync and backup


23.  Select Data transfer (on some devices Server sync)

Select Data transfer

Select Data transfer (on some devices Server sync)


24. Select Server sync

Select Server sync

Select Server sync


25. Mark Contacts, Calendar and Notes

26. Save the changes

Mark Contacts Notes and Calendar

Mark Contacts, Calendar and Notes,Save the changes



27. Select Server sync and press Yes to start sync

server Sync starting  pls wait    intilising_syncData     



Contacts, Calendar and Notes Backup Completed Successful

To Backup Photos and videos login to account from your mobile or PC



  • If your mobile asks you what data to sync, please select ‘Contacts’,  ’Calendar’ and ‘notes’

  • If your phone returns an error, this may be due to network coverage or problems reaching the remote server. Restarting the sync normally solves the issue